Thank you for everything taylorswift ! I love you.

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Come on chris..

denise, i love you. you are the only one who has supported me the past 2 days

NO ONE actually noticed, i was off for 48 hours. nobody realized anything. nobody but you contacted me. you messaged me daily via whatsapp.

but the fact that my fiance is over 320km far away from me for the next 3-4 months and the fact that my idol, taylorswift is never ever gonna follow me and/or notice me makes it all done. i am not okay with things going atm.

also i have to do 12 hour shifts at work. i am soo done.

Taylor, get to know me

Hi taylorswift.♥

My name is Christina, I am 18 years old born in January. But my two brothers were born december 13th, just like you did! So I think there already is a small connection between us two, somehow!

I live in a small town in Germany. Together with my mother and one of my two older brothers. I am working as a cook (I do bake too so… You’re always welcome here to do some baking together!) Anyway, I wanna thank you so much for inspiring me and most importantly, for making me believe in my-self! Because of you I have become brave to present my-self and to do my song-writing!

I don’t want to waste your time much longer but feel free to ask me more about me in my askbox. (HERE


Love, your Swifty Christina! :)

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taylor swifttaytext

taylorswift so beautiful presenting her-self in my country. love her.

taylorswift so beautiful presenting her-self in my country. love her.

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Admit it, there can only be one Queen. And that is Taylor Swift!

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