Emily’s Follow Forever Part IV of IV

The last part of my follow forever, But I think the most important! The people who I can always turn to, and can always talk to! Every single person on this list I consider to be one of my really close friends. Even if we really haven’t talked that much recently if you’re on here it means that you’re important to and I would be devastated if you ever deactivated or we were no longer friends. I LOVE YOU ALL TO THE MOON AND BACK!~

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Hey guys, so this is my second follow forever. I just wanna let y’all know that y’all always make me smile. Thank you for being nice. Y’all are perfectly amazing. Please never change. Happy Easter! :) 


Here are the list of people who are perfect and gorgeous in their own ways:

/ 60squeens / alisenargent / alltaywell / taylour / enchantedswift13 / voguetaylor / plaidswiftdays / unfselenita / gotyourdemons / iconfessbabe / fearlesstour / longslive / holygrounds / liampaynerr / soundsofineedyou / kingdomlightsshine / catchingswift / everswift / staystaystays / timeerasingyou / wealmostbrokeup / mockingjayswft / befearlessinred / firstkissflawless / fortuneandfames / inthenameofbeinghonests / tayswifth / casuallycruel / everythingshaschanged / fuckyeahswift / feelingtwentytwo / longlivethegirlinthedress / ourprincesswift / onehandfeel / weheartswifties / fearlesslyonfire / talyorswifts / indiesrecord / tayllorswifts / dancinaroundthekitchen / dressuplikehipsters / sherlockswift / everythinhaschanged / swiftbeautifultragic / newyorkbehere / drunk-swift / sadbeautifultragic / 

- sorry guys if it’s not in order i’m so lazy and tired. 

PS. I love you all guys! :*

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So, yesterday, I decided to make my very first follow forever and since I’m such a mess this is probably going to be a mess as well.

Anyway, I want to tell you that I love every blog I follow and if you are not here it’s because I’m such a clumsy bitch.

Also, thank you for following me! If I don’t follow you back it’s probably because I’m way too confused to have a lot of posts in my dashboard, I would probably go crazy. But I love everyone who follows me to the moon and back. 
So, here we go!

First off, I want to thank you guys for making my dashboard awesome!

Then, I want to give some special attention to these two amazing people: comingeasily and wealmostbrokeup. I love you so much and thank you for being my friends and making me smile everyday!




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I love y’all

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Taylor Swift Photoshootings: 2010 [1/2]

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